Through KLAS International’s close relationships, I was able to re-arrange my life and critical illness cover at a lower price without compromising on the level of cover. Given the obvious quality of KLAS’s relationships I’d be happy to recommend them to others looking for similar advice as their service levels are excellent.

Alistair Kuhn
CIO - Zealandia Investments

Our introduction to KLAS International came through our involvement with London Wasps and Sport2Business and very soon it was apparent that the company shared our view on developing business.

The principles of trust and developing successful business through relationships runs through the KLAS International operation and reflects our own values. Our association with KLAS International provides the opportunity to be connected with new contacts where historically we would not have reached. Likewise, some organisations and individuals that require the services of a professional construction company may not have readily found their way to us. Our links with the sporting world are well established through key projects such as the London 2012 Velodrome, the Lawn Tennis Association National Centre and Ascot Racecourse. Our association with KLAS International is working to offer joined up thinking in terms of bringing our service offer as a national building company to a new client base.

Stuart Deverill
Director - ISG PLC

I have used KLAS International both for personal and business services. Through their insurance partners the business has benefited from a more cost effective and comprehensive range of services which has, in turn, been on great value to our own clients.

Ian Styles
Director - Mascolo and Styles

I met KLAS International through the childrens Charity Sparks and its then President Kenny Logan. Kenny mentioned to me that KLAS International have a variety of trusted partners, one of which was an insurance company called The Heritage Group based in Guernsey. Through Kenny’s recommendation I obtained a quote from Heritage and they saved me in excess of £20,000 a saving of over 15% and improved my cover which in today’s economic conditions was fantastic.

KLAS International run a very smooth operation and I look forward to potentially creating more opportunities with their other partners and would not hesitate to recommend their services to friends and business contacts.

David Alberto
Chief Executive - Avanta Group

I was introduced to KLAS International International by Kenny Logan who is one of their senior ambassadors.

KLAS International provided me with an excellent service and have saved my companies a considerable amount of money through their insurance partner, the Heritage Group.

I look forward to continuing to work with KLAS International on future projects, and I feel confident that with their impressive network of partners I will see further substantial savings.

Ian Kirkham
Chairman - PK Marine Freight Services

I currently use KLAS International Wealth Management partners so I had no hesitation to use his insurance partners when my business insurance was due for renewal. I mentioned to Peter that when my renewal terms arrived from my broker I will let his partners compete for the business. Annoying the terms arrived in the post a day before renewal which I could not believe and I presumed it’s a trick of the trade to make clients just renew there and then. Despite that I gave them to Peter who did inform me that this timeline could be an issue but The Heritage Group turned this around very quickly and not only saved me 22% off my premium but also increased my cover. I cannot recommend them enoughI first met Peter during his time as a player and then commercial director at London Wasps. When he started his new venture I had no hesitation of allowing him to compete for my business especially once I knew the calibre of his insurance partners.

Johnno Spence
Director - JSC Sport

I have known Peter and Kenny from KLAS International for a few years now and they run a unique business providing high level access to some very trusted business partners. I used one of their insurance partners called The Heritage Group who provided me with a seamless service when one of my properties came up for renewal. Not only did they provide me with great cover but they also saved me a considerable sum on my annual premium which amazed me as I thought I had a good deal already.

I would definitely recommend any of my contacts to speak to Peter at KLAS International if they need a trusted opinion on any of their business services.

Simon Miller
Director - MCO Developments

As a property developer I always look to improve margins where I can without a reducing quality. KLAS International have helped me with my insurance requirements through one of their approved partners The Heritage Group. They completed a free audit for me, improved my cover and saved me thousands of pounds which in this climate is excellent and much appreciated.

If you are looking for a company who can put you into the right place and introduce you to trusted partners then I would look no further than KLAS International.

Christine Yorath
Managing Director - Flats in Leeds

KLAS International has provided our Group with access to a new client base which we would have found extremely difficult to approach otherwise. KLAS International have a unique offering which allows our business development teams to work with world renowned sportsman and their contacts.

We have a close working relationship with KLAS International and are continuing to develop new opportunities. We believe that this relationship will grow and has the potential to expand through all parts of the Group.

Richard Tee
Chief Executive - Heritage Group

As CEO of The DX Group I always look for unique businesses and partners that can add value to our sales pipelines and client proposition. Kenny Logan who I met at a sporting event told me about KLAS International and it sounded a very interesting business. I met Peter Scrivener the CEO and Kenny a few weeks later who explained their business in the most simplest terms. I felt their proposition was very powerful and I had no hesitation of working with them..

We have been involved with KLAS now for 3 months and the feedback on the KLAS experience can be described very easily; Quality, relaxed and very useful for our business.

Not only does their network provide opportunities that we may have never come across before but equally we can call upon all the other KLAS partners for services outside our remit of expertise if a client asks for a recommendation!

They have created something there that works for the partners and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Petar Cvetkovic
Chief Executive Officer - DX Group

I allowed Heritage to review my personal insurances, I found them to be extremely competitive, and I awarded them the business.

I found the service levels and communication to be excellent, but an insurance premium is only as good as its claims record. This was tested recently when I had to claim on the policy and to my delight The Heritage Group sorted and paid my claim within seven days, with no problems whatsoever.

I have now instructed my company to ask them to tender for our business insurances, and I have no hesitation in recommending KLAS International, to any person or company wishing to have a more professional relationship with their insurance brokers.

Michael Holland
Managing Director - 5G Universal

At Service Graphics we have worked with the KLAS International team for the last nine months.

Their professionalism has been superb and their network has added value to our business development strategy by providing us with a significant number of opportunities.

We look forward to working with them on an on-going basis. I would strongly recommend the Klas team to other organisations.

Scott King
Sales Director - Service Graphics




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