Oroco Utilities


Oroco Utilities has been helping companies to reduce their energy costs for almost a decade: working with blue chips, or one-man bands, we help clients to navigate the jargon, complexity and the ever changing tariffs to secure the best terms for electricity, gas, heating oil, kerosene and red diesel.

Multiple sites, single sites, electricity from renewable sources, we are able to offer bespoke deals for each clients to suit their business strategy: some will opt for one year deals, others five years, and those with multiple sites we look to co-terminate to reduce admin, and increase buying leverage.

Oroco also helps clients with their waste – ensuring that they can recycle as much as possible, reducing bills, reducing landfill, reducing time spent by the client: where appropriate we will organise for the client to sell their waste, thus providing an unlikely source of additional income.

Also, from April 2017, the UK water industry will be deregulating, meaning that commercial clients will be able to purchase their water and sewerage services from companies other than their local monopoly. Prices are likely to go down, service will improve and Oroco will be there to help clients to maximise this opportunity.




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