Delivering client excellence

A network of trusted companies

During our combined rugby and business careers, Kenny Logan and I have been able to create a strong network of trusted contacts. We realised how often these connections were of benefit to both individuals and businesses that were known to us. Creating KLAS International felt like a natural progression as it allowed us to formalise and share those relationships for the benefit of all.

Today, we have a dedicated group of ambassadors from varied backgrounds and professions who introduce clients to us on a daily basis. They ensure our clients are strongly represented to our partner companies who provide the expert advice and services that meet the clients’ need.

We have created a unique ‘family office’ environment for any individual or company, large or small, to call upon if the need arises. Via KLAS International they have access to all our partners that provide a ‘wrap around’ service that should be able to solve any problem.

This service can also add value to your client proposition especially when a client needs assistance with an issue outside the remit of your expertise; via KLAS we will have a potential solution. This enhances your reputation with your client as you have solved a problem for them that they did not expect you to do.

We conduct our business just as we manage our personal networks, with honesty and integrity. We aim to deliver excellence to clients through our trusted partner network.

Peter Scrivener




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