We Launch Finura Partners

14th July 2014

We Launch are proud to announce the launch of the inaugural brand for Finura Partners – an innovative new player in the financial services industry, with a vision to create an advisory company for clients that delivers better outcomes, for brighter futures.

We worked closely with the client to deliver a solution that evoked a transparent, modern, refined, personable, honest and trustworthy strategy – a brand that would continuously engage and communicate with clients to make them feel that they are the centre of attention, with their best interests at the heart of the business, at all times.

With technology and social media at the core of the business, the logomark was inspired by the theme of connectivity. Emotive headlines were combined with a professional and modern colour palette and a suite of bespoke images shot by leading portrait photographer David Hares, to create a contemporary new brand that reflects a business at the forefront of the financial services industry of today.

AuthorLucy Isherwood (Client Director We Launch)




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