Tip TV / Rugby Referee, Robin Poynder interviews Peter Scrivener, Former Wasps Player

31st July 2014

Peter Scrivener discusses his career path from Wasps player to Klas International, highlighting the transition and safe guards players need to put into place when moving from a life in professional rugby into business.

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We Launch Finura Partners

14th July 2014

We Launch are proud to announce the launch of the inaugural brand for Finura Partners – an innovative new player in the financial services industry, with a vision to create an advisory company for clients that delivers better outcomes, for brighter futures.

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Clear Financial Advice join Klas as an Associate Partner

11th June 2014

With 30 years’ experience, Clear Financial Advice are superbly placed to help with your financial planning. Wherever you are in life and whatever your circumstances, we believe you should have a financial plan that suits you, we work proactively to create your bespoke plan.

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